Top 5 Fun Things To Do For Your Vacation in Lake Lure, NC

lake lure

Looking for things to do in Lake Lure, NC? This beautiful town in the western part of the state is home to various activities and attractions that are perfect for a family vacation or a romantic getaway. 

Beautiful mountain villages abound in western North Carolina, ideal for tourists who want to go hiking, look for waterfalls, and unwind by lakes.

What are the best things to do in Lake Lure if you’re on a day trip throughout Western North Carolina? Join us as we discover this magnificent region from Asheville natives.

Here are the activities you can do and where to get a Lake Lure, NC lodging: 

Visit the Flowering Bridge in Lake Lure

The Flowering Bridge is one of the greatest free activities in Lake Lure. However, you are welcome to give a kind donation. This is especially true in the spring and summer.

If you are traveling from Asheville to Lake Lure via Chimney Rock Village, one of the first sites you will notice is the Flowering Bridge.

Take in the beautiful vista of Lake Lure, the bubbling fountains, and the peeking animals. You could have Snow White-like feelings. There are statues, birdbaths, and shelters for birds and bees.

Make sure to look for Lake Lure, NC, house rentals nearby. 

Take A Stroll And Have A Picnic In Morse Park

Take a stroll and picnic at Morse Park for things to do in Lake Lure with the whole family or just for a quick trip.

Park at the Welcome Center includes access to the 2-mile Morse Park Trail, bathrooms, a small playground, picnic spots, and tennis and basketball courts.

Head toward the lake for paved walking trails that eventually circle back to the Welcome Center. Pass through daisies and hissing geese as you travel.

You may discover a few seats and more distant picnic tables while watching fish swim by. Be sure to gaze up as you admire the stunning vistas of Lake Lure.

A great perspective, especially across the sea, is provided by Chimney Rock’s towering presence. Dogs on leashes are welcome here.

Book A Cruise

The Washburn Marina in Lake Lure rents out both motorized and non-powered boats.

Choose from the 13-person pontoon or fishing boats for powered boats if you have prior boating expertise. If you need it, the marina supplies bait and tackle.

Canoes, paddleboards, kayaks, and hydro cycles may be rented for non-motorized watercraft at their beach site and are normally available from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Honor “Dirty Dancing”

One of the greatest activities in Lake Lure, North Carolina, features the motion picture Dirty Dancing.

The 1987 American dance, romance, and drama movie Dirty Dancing starred Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

The cult favorite is included in an episode of Netflix’s The Movies That Made Us, which explains many NC filming locations.

This famous scene took place at Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia. The lake, unfortunately, dried up.

But Lake Lure served as the location for both scenes when Baby is holding the watermelon and is training on the steps.

Have a blast at the Dirty Dancing Festival in Lake Lure in memory of Baby. You should get tickets as soon as possible because this one-day event normally takes place in September.

Live music, performances, dancing classes, games based on movies, artisan merchants, and regional foods and drinks are all available.

Go Swimming At The Beach

Going directly to the beach on a hot day or summer weekend is one of the most well-liked Lake Lure pastimes. That sounds absurd.

Being from New England originally and moving up from Florida, we immediately learnt about “mountain beaches.”

A lake with sand serves as a mountain beach here in Western North Carolina. Since Asheville is more than four hours away from the closest coastal beaches, it will have to do so.

Beachgoers at Lake Lure know that workers will vacate the beach in case of bad weather since the beach observes the opening and closing days of the nearby school calendar.

Splash around at the waterpark with a water slide and Lake Lure Beach. Your beach ticket includes access to the waterpark.


There are many priceless things to do when you stay at a Lake Lure, NC, vacation rental. From swimming and hiking to fishing and visiting tourist attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With so many activities available, it is no wonder that Lake Lure is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States.

Vacation rentals around Lake Lure and Chimney Rock, North Carolina – The Farmstead at Mill Spring will make you feel relaxed, whether you want to stay in one of our distinctive tiny houses or go glamping in one of our tents or yurts decorated in an African theme. The most significant benefit is that staying each night helps fund a day of schooling for an African orphan. Contact us if you need a Lake Lure, NC vacation rental!

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