How to Plan the Perfect Cabin Vacation on Lake Lure

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Going on camping trips is the best way to unwind from all the noise and stress of the city. Whether you’re an experienced camper or a newbie to the outdoor world, cabin camping is a fantastic way to spice up your vacation and experience nature from a new perspective. It will also spare you from setting up a tent and worrying about the weather. Moreover, a cabin vacation on Lake Lure is an ideal experience if your family will tag along on your camping journey. 

Planning the perfect cabin vacation can be stressful. You need to consider different things if your weekend getaway runs smoothly. Here are six steps to planning a memorable cabin vacation on Lake Lure.

1. Find the Ideal Location

The first step to planning a successful cabin vacation on Lake Lure is to pick the best location for your family. Your ideal spot must accommodate the size of your group. 

Nature parks work best if you want to look at unique animals and hear chirping birds, while mountains are suitable for looking at the breathtaking view ahead. 

2. Research the Facilities

After finding the ideal location for your group, it’s time to look at the different facilities available. Cabin facilities differ massively. And you wouldn’t want to make rash decisions, so deciding what amenity fits your target experience in advance is crucial. You must also ensure that the cabin you’ll pick offers several services. 

Enough space and determining if they have a kitchenette are a few questions you must ask yourself before booking a place. 

We recommend that you go for many rooms rather than booking too few. That way, you can relax without worrying about space. 

3. Pack the Essentials

Sometimes, packing too much might benefit you in the long run. Packing for cabin camping still beats packing for every other camping tent. Even if you’ll stay indoors for this trip, it’s still crucial to pack everything you might need. 

Food, drinks, clothes, sunscreen, and swimwear are the top priorities on your checklists. You must also bring equipment, such as fishing poles, kayaks, and life jackets. At the same time, you must prepare umbrellas if it rains. 

Books, puzzles, and board games are also essential to entertain yourselves in the cabin. Likewise, you must check if they have towels. If not, add that to your list.

4. Decide on What Experiences You Want to Explore

Part of ensuring a successful cabin vacation on Lake Lure is deciding what experience you want for yourself and your family. Think whether you need an experience that will get your heart pumping or allow you to spend time indoors. 

Lake Lure has plenty of fun activities offered around the area. You can try hiking in Chimney Rock, camping along the shores, or even various water sports from kayaking to water skiing.

5. Plan the Activities

After finding out what you want to do, you can now plan for the activities. Since you’re bringing your family, there must be activities for everyone to enjoy. 

Puzzles and board games work best if you want a more relaxed and low-key getaway, while hiking, fishing, boating, biking, or stargazing are perfect if you’re up for something more adventurous. The possibilities are endless!

6. Prep Your Meals

Whether you use the cabin’s fire pit or not, planning meals for yourself and your family allows you to relax and enjoy the trip. That way, you’ll only carry the needed food, reducing wastage or packing extra weight. Light or no-cook meals such as sandwiches, cereal, and yogurt parfaits are ideal for short trips. 

Rushing to the grocery and creating a list of meals you want to cook can save you from wasting food and packing extra weight.

A New Camping Experience

Cabin camping is a new way to enjoy nature, relax from the city hustle, and spend time with your family. It’s crucial to plan ahead to ensure your trip runs smoothly, so keep this guide in mind as you look for accommodations near Lake Lure.

Whether you want to stay in our unique tiny homes, African-style tents, or yurts, Farmstead Mill Springs offer cabins on Lake Lure that can take your mind off the city hustle. Most importantly, every night you stay provides an orphan in Africa with a day of education. Book a trip today!

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